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Nischal Sharma

Published On - April 13, 2023

Chainlens Block Explorer integration with Quorum Developer Quickstart

With the latest changes merged into the Quorum-dev-quickstart Github repo, you can now enable Chainlens and use its free version to monitor your blockchain network. So what are you waiting for? Try Chainlens with Quorum-dev-quickstart today and take your private blockchain exploration to the next level!

What is Chainlens?

Chainlens is a data and analytics platform for Ethereum-compatible blockchains. A successful blockchain deployment relies on more than smart contracts, you need full visibility of your applications and a great user experience. Chainlens provides this, giving you an accessible view of your blockchain applications and assets, enabling you to make fast and informed decisions that affect your business.

Chainlens Features

  1. Intelligent monitoring - Dashboard aggregates key metrics for your blockchain.
  2. Gather unique insights - Sophisticated search functionality with filtering and sorting capabilities.
  3. Full support for private transactions - Visibility of all private blockchain assets and transactions. The only blockchain explorer that supports private transactions in Azure Blockchain Service, Hyperledger Besu and Quorum networks.
  4. One platform for all your users - Manage the entire lifecycle of your blockchain smart contracts, from development to production. Gather meaningful business Intelligence and insights into your blockchain applications running on Ethereum, Quorum and EVM compatible networks.
  5. Simple UI - Clean layout designed for both business and technical users. Create custom labels for addresses and accounts.
  6. Business intelligence and reporting - Chainlens' powerful API allows you to easily develop reports to provide business driven insights into your blockchain applications.
  7. Insights in your pocket - Track and manage all your blockchain assets from anywhere - Chainlens is mobile friendly.
Try out a demo of Chainlens on the Holesky Network.

What is Quorum-dev-quickstart?

The Quorum Developer Quickstart is a command line tool or utility that can be used to rapidly generate local Quorum blockchain networks for development and demo purposes using Besu, GoQourum, and Tessera in less than two minutes. 
How to enable Chainlens during Quorum-dev-quickstart?


Steps to run quorum-dev-quickstart:

  1. npx quorum-dev-quickstart
  2. Follow the prompts:
    1. Eth client to use: 
      1. Besu 
      2. GoQuroum
    2. Support for Private Tx: [Y/N]
    3. Option for Logging with different tools: 
      1. Loki
      2. Splunk
      3. ELK
    4. Enable Chainlens: Y
    5. Enable Blockscout: N
    6. Path to create config files: . (Default)
  3. ./


Quorum developer quickstart

Once the script finishes, you will see all the endpoints and ports for different services. 
Chainlens is on port 8081, just open the link http://localhost:8081 on any browser to explore Chainlens.


Sirato is on port 8081


Chainlens Data and Analytics Platform in action

Sirato initialization page

Chainlens initialization page


Once you open the Chainlens web-UI link you’ll see the new initialization page while it boots up. This may take 5–10 minutes for the all services to start and the ingestion sync to complete.


Chainlens Dashboard 24

The Chainlens dashboard


Chainlens' dashboard page provides an aggregated view of network activities.


Blocks View 24

Chainlens' block view


The blocks page shows a real-time view of the finalized blocks.


Block Details 24

Viewing block details in Chainlens


You can view a given block details by selecting a block hash or number.


Transaction View 24

Chainlens' transaction view

The transactions page shows a paginated view of new and historical transactions. 
 Chainlens is a data and analytics platform for Ethereum-compatible blockchains that provides intelligent monitoring, sophisticated search functionality and support for private transactions amongst other features. Quorum-dev-quickstart is a command-line tool that generates local Quorum blockchain networks for development and demonstration purposes. With the latest updates to the Quorum-dev-quickstart Github repository, users can now enable Chainlens' free version to monitor their blockchain network. 
Ready to take your blockchain exploration to the next level? With Chainlens now available in Quorum-dev-quickstart, it's never been easier to try it out and its features to gain full visibility of your private blockchain applications and assets.
The Chainlens Blockchain Explorer provides all of the business metrics you need to support your blockchain and smart contract applications.
We provide SLA-backed production support for Ethereum networks running Quorum and Hyperledger Besu.
Traditional financial markets infrastructure is being redefined by blockchain and DLT technology. We can ensure you’re prepared.
With dedicated support from the creators of Web3j you can ensure you have a trusted partner to support your most critical blockchain applications.
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