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Christmas has come early for web3j Android developers

general availability of the latest web3j library for Android

blk.io is proud to announce the general availability of the latest web3j library for Android; 4.1.0-android has been released and is available for use.

As highlighted in our previous post the prior build with Android support web3j-3.3.1-android, and web3j has come a long way since. Please consult the previous post for details around the changes that may impact you.

What do I need to do?

Please note that the general (non-Android specific) web3j library has also been released with this fix only. If this issue does not impact you or you are already on web3j-4.0.0 or newer then you do not have to upgrade.

We are trying to align all web3j-related releases to make adoption and usage easier for our community.

What’s next?

Finally, we’d love to hear from our web3j Android community regarding their use of the library and applications, feel free to get in touch!

Thanks again to Gitcoin who generously supported us with this bounty to make it happen, to Sergey for the hard work, and the ECF for their ongoing support of web3j.

The blk.io team.