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Tokens for Enterprise

Tokens for Enterprise

Here at Web3 Labs we’re great believers in the opportunity tokenization presents for blockchains. From asset tokens to utility tokens, the ability for them to track asset provenance or a notion of value — be it loyalty points or similar initiatives is a great usage of the technology, with an ever increasing interest in enterprise applications. Hence we believe that 2019 is the year of the enterprise token. 

Token Taxonomies

Today is a very significant day in this regard, with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announcing its Token Taxonomy Initiative. We’ve been collaborating closely with Microsoft and other members of the EEA on this, and we’re really happy to be able to talk about it in the open. 
EEA Token Taxonomy Initiative
At the heart of the Token Taxonomy Initiative is a set of definitions and a framework that provide a common language for describing tokens and their properties. The fact that IBM, R3 and Digital Asset are behind this initiative is testament to its significance. For more information I encourage you to read the full press release.

Epirus Blockchain Explorer

The Token Taxonomy Initiatives underlines the importance in industry of this aspect of blockchain technology, and we’re always thinking about how best we can support it. 
This screen is from the Epirus Blockchain Explorer. We created a brand new user experience, and tokens are a first-class citizen. 
Get in touch for more information and stay tuned for a more in depth overview of the Epirus Platform!
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