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Azure ERC-2 Token Service feature image
Conor Svensson

Published On - November 9, 2017

Azure ERC-20 Token Service video walk-through

Mark Whitby at Microsoft has published a great walk-through for deploying and running our ERC-20 RESTful Service in Azure. If you haven’t deployed it yet, we recommend you follow the below instructions to get going. You can contact us if you run in to any problems.

 Video Details:

Cloud Tech 10 - 6th November 2017 - Truffle, ERC-20 Tokens, AKS for Kubernetes and more!

Like keeping up with Azure but struggling to find enough time? Then this is the video for you!

Mark Whitby, is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft UK. Each week, he covers what's happening with Microsoft Azure in just 10 minutes, or less!

In this episode he covers:

  • Truffle Framework version 4 is available in the Azure Marketplace
  • The fastest VM's in Azure - Fv2 Series
  • Azure Container Service for Kubernetes - AKS
  • Transactional Replication for Azure SQL Database
  • Web3 Labs' (formerly blk) ERC-20 Token Service for Quorum Blockchain

If you want to read more about the Azure ERC-20 Token Service on Quroum.