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Epirus Blockchain Explorer - free version now available

Hot off the heels of our Epirus blockchain explorer release on Azure, we refreshed our free blockchain explorer offering.

Epirus Enterprise Blockchain Explorer
Epirus supports private transactions in Quorum

Now you can use our flagship Epirus explorer on Quorum, Ethereum and Azure Blockchain Service. Pantheon support will also be available very soon!

To get started, head over to the project GitHub repo, or simply run the following commands:

git clone

NODE_ENDPOINT=http://<node_endpoint> docker-compose up

Then open http://localhost/ on your browser. You’ll see our new initialisation page while it’s booting up.

Epirus Enterprise Blockchain Explorer

And, when it’s ready get set for the all new user experience!

If you were running the old version, make sure you remove the existing volumes.

docker-compose down -v

You can read more about the features of our free Epirus Blockchain Explorer in the following post

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