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Web3 Labs Contract Deployment Plugin
Christian Felde

Published On - November 2, 2021

First release of Web3 Labs' contract deployment plugin

Today is the first time Web3 Labs have released the Ethereum smart contract deployment library and Gradle plugin for Web3j. This release of the Web3j deployer library and plugin, available at GitHub, allows for easy to use deployment process logic following an annotation driven approach.
As can be found in our Web3j deployer demo repository, setting up the deployment logic required for your smart contracts couldn’t be easier. By using the deployer mechanism for profile setups, it allows for shared deployment logic across different blockchain network configurations. 



While users of other tools have enjoyed similar deployment solutions in languages like JavaScript, this brings the JVM, Java, and Kotlin programmers onboard too, with equally easy to use tooling for deploying their Ethereum smart contracts. Combined with our other tools, like the EVM and Unit test libraries, Web3 Labs now offers a full suite of Ethereum blockchain tools for enterprise development. 
As with everything we release as open-source software, we value your feedback, and would hope that this new addition is equally well received by the community. Should there be features you’d like to see, reach out and let us know. 
If you'd like to learn more about the future of blockchain technologies, check our blog or give our Web3 Innovators podcast a listen. 
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