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Web3j 4.1.1 Released
Sam Nazha

Published On - January 23, 2019

web3j-4.1.1 is available

At we are always looking to improve and streamline our build and release process in all software projects that we work on, be it for internal projects, client engagements or open source libraries. 

web3j is no exception to this, and 4.1.1 was released with some minor community-driven fixes alongside some other changes to document and detail the release process for web3j and associated products, e.g. web3j-homebrew.

Documentation is a first-class citizen in our development process here at, and this is vital for maintaining continuity in both our internal and open-source contributions. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you in your blockchain journeys feel free to get in touch !

What’s new?

Various code fixes and improvements; find the complete listing here

  • String and byte array encoding: #591
  • Exception for empty list in smart contract: #733
  • Correction of logical condition: #780
  • New transaction signing methods added: #806
  • Upgrade to bouncycastle 1.60: #831
  • Broken URL updates: #836
  • Web3j console publication: #855

Thanks to the respective contributors for these fixes, we are very grateful to all our community.

What do I need to do?

Update your dependency of web3j to 4.1.1 and voila. It’s that simple.

What’s next?

web3j-4.1.x is in the works with some further improvements and fixes, if you have any recommendations or items that you are itching for checkout the Github issues page. 


Stay tuned, we have some exciting news coming up at

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