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Conor Svensson

Published On - August 30, 2018

Chainlens Enterprise Blockchain Platform

The team at have been hard at work during the past few months. We’ve been working on a number of initiatives which we’re now ready to bring together to present Chainlens, our enterprise blockchain platform.
Epirus Enterprise Blockchain Platform
Chainlens is made up of a number of core components, including:
This is supported by further components such as   web3j  to provide straight forward application integration, authentication services to provide permission access to the components in line with your organisations policies and finally the option of on-premise, cloud or SaaS deployment.
Epirus Enterprise Blockchain Platform Blog (2)
However, we want to get our platform in the hands of many, so we have made available a free version which you can install by running:
This will run up a 4-node permissioned Quorum network, and our Blockchain Explorer, so you have a full Quorum environment to work with.
4-node permissioned Quorum network, and Epirus Blockchain Explorer
Once everything has started a browser window will open and you can start browsing the blockchain straight away with our Explorer! 
The free platform node endpoints are fixed to keep things simple, they are available below and   here.
The 4-node Quorum endpoints
The 4-node Quorum endpoints
Please get in   touch  if you want to find out more, or head to our new updated   website  to find out about our SaaS offerings too. 
We’re still busy hiring, so if you want to come join our team please, check out our openings   here
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