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Chainlens at //build/

It’s been a busy few weeks at Web3 Labs. Following the  launch of our Chainlens Blockchain Explorer on Azure  last week, we also had the privilege of it being selected by Mark Russinovich , the CTO for Microsoft Azure for his demo at Build. Build is Microsoft’s premier developer conference, that took place earlier this week — check out the video  Simplifying Blockchain Development from the event (we’re at 32:02).
Azure Blockchain Service

The Enterprise Blockchain Explorer

Supporting business users has always been a key consideration for us, one that could not be solved with engineering alone. Hence late last year we started work on a full revamp of our explorer user experience to support business users. The Chainlens Enterprise Blockchain Explorer is the end result and we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved.
Epirus Enterprise Blockchain Explorer


The new experience emphasises simplicity for our users, we don’t want to burden them with information they don’t need to regularly refer to. Of course, the details are still there if needed, but we want to ensure we’re providing sensible information defaults in our screens.
Epirus Enterprise Blockchain Explorer

(Business) User Experience

Business users want meaningful business metrics supporting the business problems that blockchains are helping to solve. A block and transaction are meaningless without a wider context. Hence, Chainlens prioritises a contract’s views over others.

Contract Registry

Chainlens provides a smart contract registry, which allows our users to register their contract ABI data. This greatly enhances the contract data visible in the explorer. Both contract method and event names along with their parameters become visible, allowing rich insight into what their applications are doing.
Epirus Enterprise Blockchain Explorer


One of the other features we’re really stoked about is the ability to view details of all tokens deployed in the network, with separate labels for fungible or non-fungible tokens (ERC20 or ERC721).
Epirus Enterprise Blockchain Explorer

Advanced Sorting and Filters

Another key feature is the addition of sorting and filters in Chainlens. This enables our users to find very active contracts by sorting their various views by key attributes. Contracts can be sorted by transaction date, transaction count or event contracts by transaction count.
Epirus Enterprise Blockchain Explorer
Filter by multiple attributes
Epirus Enterprise Blockchain Explorer

Business Intelligence

We’re really proud of the new user experience. We understand that extracting business intelligence data for reporting is another crucial consideration in any business. Chainlens provides a RESTful API too, which can be used to extract all data you see in the interface. This, combined with the filtering functionality and the contract registry, enables our users to perform bespoke reporting on their applications, such as details of all transfer events associated with a specific token.
Epirus Explorer API

Getting Started

Chainlens supports a number of different hosting options which all come with support from the Web3 Labs team. You can find it in the   Azure Marketplace, with a free trial, and we also provide hosted SaaS versions with authenticated access.
Epirus Azure Blockchain Service Explorer

What’s Next

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have grand plans for Chainlens that will provide even greater simplicity for business users and a more integrated experience for developers. Please get in   touch  if you want to find out more! Otherwise, stay tuned for more over the coming weeks! 
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