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Chainlens Ethereum SaaS Blockchain Explorer

During the past few years, Ethereum has asserted itself as the dominant blockchain and DLT platform.

This isn’t just in terms of the public Ethereum network, but also with respect to public and private permissioned blockchain networks. 



Sirato dashboard

Chainlens Blockchain Explorer Dashboard 


We’ve also seen the Ethereum network and many other public blockchain networks emerge that are Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible in order to take advantage of Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities and leading development community.

Hence we see the EVM supported in Polkadot, Avalanche, Hedera and many others (even Solana support is coming soon).

With the EVM providing this common base layer for many of the world's blockchain networks, it's crucial for companies building on them that they have access to reliable data and analytics for these networks, especially if they are launching their own permissioned blockchain networks using Ethereum.

This is why the Chainlens data and analytics platform is a key component of any blockchain network. It provides your window into the blockchain.

Chainlens is an Ethereum SaaS blockchain explorer with a bunch of additional functionality required to seamlessly integrate with on-chain applications.


Epirus Saas Blockchain Explorer Metrics

Further dashboard metrics


It provides views of:

  • Tokens (ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155)

  • Smart contracts

  • Events

  • Transactions

  • Blocks

  • Nodes 

Epirus SaaS Blockchain Explorer Token View

The token view in Chainlens


It also provides:

  • Summary metrics for the network over different time periods
  • An OpenAPI backend to build custom integrations
  • Support for internal transactions
  • Smart contract management via browser-based wallets such as Metamask
  • Verified smart contract source code upload 

Epirus SaaS Blockchain Explorer Smart Contract Management


Finally, it also integrates with business intelligence (BI) platforms such as Microsoft’s PowerBI, Tableau and Metabase, providing custom metrics for networks to track things such as user engagement and other on-chain activity.


Epirus SaaS Blockchain Explorer BI via Metabase

Chainlens BI via Metabase


Chainlens is available as a SaaS product for Ethereum-compatible blockchains built using Ethereum clients such as Geth, Quorum and Hyperledger Besu, but also other blockchains including Polkadot (via the EVM Substrate Pallet) and Avalanche. VMWare Blockchain support is also going to be available in the next month or so.

Its pricing is based on transaction volumes, and it can be customised and deployed under a customer's own domain if required. It does support on-prem deployment too, but you’ll need to contact us about your specific requirements. 


Epirus SaaS Blockchain Explorer Plans

Chainlens SaaS plans


If you’d like to sign up, our hosted plans page provides more information including pricing, or reach out to the Web3 Labs team directly. 

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