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Web3 Labs Joins Hyperledger Foundation
Conor Svensson

Published On - December 14, 2023

Web3 Labs Joins Hyperledger Foundation, Reinforcing Commitment to Hyperledger Besu Development

Web3 Labs proudly announces its official membership in the Hyperledger Foundation, a global collaborative effort advancing cross-industry enterprise-grade blockchain technologies. This strategic move underscores Web3 Labs' commitment to fostering the development and adoption of Hyperledger Besu, the only Ethereum client designed for both mainnet and private network use cases.

Conor Svensson, CEO, and Founder of Web3 Labs, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "The Web3 Labs team is very excited about the upcoming modularity of consensus mechanisms in Hyperledger Besu. This will make it easier to separate out changes to Besu that are driven by the Ethereum mainnet at its consensus layer and those relevant for permissioned network deployments. This sort of modularity is great as it will ensure Besu can serve its user bases even better than it already does."

Web3 Labs has been a key player in this community since the pre-Hyperledger days when Besu was known as Pantheon. Svensson noted, "As authors of Web3j, the leading JVM integration library for Ethereum, there’s always been a natural affinity with Hyperledger Besu given it also uses the JVM. Hence Besu uses features from Web3j, and Web3j uses features from Besu."

Web3 Labs is officially recognized as maintainers of Hyperledger Besu and also takes pride in participating in  the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Mentor Program, serving as mentors for a project focused on performance and benchmarking analysis of Hyperledger Besu using Hyperledger Caliper.

Highlighting the reasons why Web3 Labs considers Hyperledger Besu the most future-proof blockchain platform, Svensson noted, "Hyperledger Besu is the only Ethereum client designed for both mainnet and private network use cases. This duality ensures there is a trickle-down effect of features from mainnet being available to private networks."

He further emphasised the advantages of being a Hyperledger project, stating, "Being a Hyperledger project ensures that the life of the project will outlive any single commercial entity, and its licensing model will not change to a less permissive model."

Web3 Labs offers commercial support services for Hyperledger Besu networks, ensuring organisations running or planning to run permissioned blockchain networks benefit from efficient issue resolution. Web3 Labs is ConsenSys’ recommended Hyperledger Besu supplier. In addition, the Web3 Labs blockchain explorer, Chainlens, is closely integrated with Besu and other Ethereum clients.

Daniela Barbosa, Executive Director, Hyperledger Foundation, and General Manager Blockchain and Identity at the Linux Foundation, welcomed Web3 Labs, stating, "The team at Web3 Labs has been contributing to Hyperledger Besu and the overall Ethereum ecosystem for years. Now, as a General Member, they are adding an extra level of investment and commitment to the long-term growth and health of Hyperledger technologies. As more and more enterprises adopt Hyperledger platforms, tools and libraries, the work Hyperledger Foundation does around governance, security, reliability, transparency and overall software stewardship increases in importance. As a new member, Web3 Labs is helping ensure the longevity of Hyperledger Besu and our other projects."

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