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Why blockchain is great for records of ownership

New video - Why Blockchain is great for Records of Ownership

In the mini video series “Blockchain Principles”, I take a look at three major challenges that  blockchain technology is best suited to overcoming. Focussing your blockchain projects on the right problem is of vital importance. It will help to ensure that the time and money that you and your team invest are one step closer to success. 
Blockchain is excellent at simplifying records of ownership. It is currently being utilised across a wide range of sectors from coffee bean production to emission offsetting with more and more organisations realizing the impact that blockchain technology can have on improving the legacy systems in place. 
In this video, I unpick exactly why blockchain is perfect to use if your company deals with the ownership of physical or digital assets. There are unlimited examples of assets that may be owned or managed by a company, transferring or trading such assets between companies involves the timely and tedious process of reconciliation for all parties involved. This is where blockchain really comes into its own, simplifying and streamlining the process. 
I cannot stress enough just how important it is to choose the right problem to solve with your blockchain deployments. Misunderstanding or misusing blockchain technology is number one on Gartner’s list of the common mistakes in enterprise blockchain projects. The mini video series “Blockchain Principles” aims to provide you with the knowledge you need to stop the potential for wasted resources and focus your energy on blockchain deployments that are destined for success. In the next video, “Why blockchain is great for digital fingerprints”, I’ll explain why blockchain is such a powerful tool for data authentication. 
I'd love to get your opinions, leave a comment below the video with your thoughts. If you’d like to learn more and understand the opportunities blockchain presents to your business, feel free to sign up to one of our upcoming Principles of Successful Blockchain Deployments Webinars
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