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Why blockchain is great for digital fingerprints

New video - 'Why blockchain is great for digital fingerprints'

Although still in its relative infancy, the enterprise blockchain industry celebrated its five year anniversary last year, blockchain technology continues to promise the potential of transformational change to companies wishing to harness its power. The mini video series “Blockchain Principles” has been created to help you make the right decision when choosing which problem to apply your blockchain solution to. Once the correct problem has been identified, you can be sure that the resources you invest in your blockchain deployment are more likely to succeed. 
In this video I’ll share with you invaluable information if your company is involved in processes that require data authentication. How can you be sure that the data you store in a digital fingerprint hasn’t been tampered with? Due to the nature of blockchain, once data is written on a blockchain ledger it is unchangeable, making it a powerful asset to guarantee authenticity. The blockchain provides undeniable assurance that a digital fingerprint is exactly the same as it was when first recorded. 
There are many existing business use cases that utilise the immutability of blockchain, from luxury goods authentication guarantees to carbon registry reporting. I discuss these and many more examples in the video.


It’s understandable that companies want to start their blockchain journey as soon as possible. The “Blockchain Principles” mini series aims to equip you with the essential knowledge required to help make a well informed first step towards a successful blockchain deployment. In the next video, “Why blockchain is great for complex business processes”, I’ll show you exactly how blockchain can help to streamline the effectiveness of business processes that involve many organisational or entity boundaries. 
I'd love to hear what you think - leave a comment below the video with your thoughts. If you’d like to learn more and understand the opportunities blockchain presents to your business, feel free to sign up to one of our upcoming Principles of Successful Blockchain Deployments Webinars
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