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Join us on our Hyperledger Besu Performance Mentorship Program
Nischal Sharma

Published On - April 25, 2023

Join us on our Hyperledger Besu Performance Mentorship Program

The Linux Foundation's Hyperledger mentor program is an initiative aimed at fostering the development of the next generation of blockchain developers by providing them with a unique opportunity to work on real-world open-source projects under the guidance of experienced mentors. The program offers a stipend for a selected mentee to work on the project under the mentor's guidance.

We are excited to announce that our project proposal, Performance analysis and Benchmarking of Besu using Caliper with complex workloads, has been approved by the Technical Oversight Committee, and we will be serving as mentors for the selected mentee. You all can find the project on the LFX Mentorship platform. 

The objective of our project is to do a performance and benchmarking analysis of Besu, a Hyperledger project, in private networks (QBFT, IBFT, CLIQUE) using Hyperledger Caliper. Additionally, this project aims to add support for more complex and well-known workloads like ERC20, ERC721 in Caliper, which are used by general Ethereum users. This project will provide valuable insights into the performance of Besu and will help developers to optimize it further.



Through this project, the mentee will develop skills in benchmarking and performance analysis of blockchain networks, gain experience in working with Hyperledger Besu and Hyperledger Caliper, learn to add support for new workloads in Caliper, improve their programming skills by working on a real-world open-source project, and learn to write technical research reports and documentation.

To be eligible for the program, the mentee should have strong programming skills in Java, a good understanding of blockchain technology, familiarity with Hyperledger projects, and experience in contributing to open-source software projects, preferably in the blockchain domain.

Nischal Sharma and George Tebrean will serve as mentors for the project, and their contact information is and, respectively. We encourage anyone interested in applying to be a mentee to visit the Hyperledger wiki - for detailed instructions or to email, and submit their application. The mentee application platform will be open for 5 weeks, from Wednesday, April 5th to Wednesday, May 10th.

We are excited to be serving as mentors for the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger mentor program and are looking forward to working with a selected mentee on our project.

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